Friday, December 18, 2009

What sex...?

Can men and women really be frens..? Non-sexual, non- lips locking frens..? Yeah..m talking abt platonic realtionship..? Are they for real or just plain myth..?

True.., men and women have been beautifully configured to attract one another, but is that the reason why frenship between sexes are doomed to failure from day one..esp. with all the beast, the phantom and the ogre looming..? Are we really on dangerous ground..? I mean dangerous waters..?

I have been asked these questions a billion times and i spend another billion hrs answering, at times defending...

Well..I can only answer this for myself..assuming Alicia Keys is not out there, I'd say YES! Men and women can be fren, just fren - no sex, no lockling legs..oops lips. Sure there will be temptations and attractions but there are other bigger things..things like hmmm...errmmm ( ??..!), how abt the line that lies between friendship and whtever else..? how abt that..? or how abt....err.., the point is, stop using that exhausted cliche that we're only human as an excuse.

If we want to be just frens, we can be platonic and if we want to be something else..that too. We human are much stronger than we thot..we have the strength to make wise, sensible and levelheaded choices. ( leave Alicia Keys out of this k, she's N/A).

We cant be tht vulnerable and helpless..

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