Friday, December 18, 2009

Error of perception...

Today..if u take a drive from Mlacca to Penang, it takes abt 4 to 5 hrs..The return journey also takes abt 4 to 5 hrs. In fact everytime you go from somewhere to anotherwhere, the time factor will always be there..logically. Journey IS abt time and how you spend those time. Likewise in life, same rules applies, but most of the time, rather than enjoying and living life, we let our lives being controlled by fear and uncertainties. It is OK to fear tho', fear is nothing. It is just part of our psycological make up...but it's the things that we do are causing some uneasy, irritability and worries. We keep searching for an answer or a meaning until we get so caught up with it that in the end, what we are looking for gets lost in the process.

Mathematically...( Einstein would vouch for me..m sure), if we spend most of our life time searching, we will never get to the part of living...And that's where all the fun are..

I dont want to spend my life spinning and searching, it's too time consuming..there are better things. I will take life both as it is and as I want it to be..fear to me is still what it is - a make up.

Your life is still your choice. As long as we can learn how to learn..we'll be fine..

Azhari oh azhari......

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