Friday, December 18, 2009

Am not cloaking..

Ppl are really nuts, u know AND you dont have to master the art of observation to see that. Really, they are nothing daunting at all. Of course being nuts isnt always bad in and of itself.

It is fascinating to see how we try to deal with some situations sometimes. The fact is we havent really learned the life lessons that can put all our emotions into perspective.

Love and attention are two of the most common coveted things - from day 1, the day we were born. We always want the most, to be the no.1 but there can never be no.1 for everyone. That's just how things are, we cant get the most of everything all the time, not even most of the time - but the pursuit continues.

All things said, it is not always easy to keep your cool when everyone start to act up, not when they are all over you.

But if you really look at the big picture, we are nothing more than just a child who still need to be shown the silver lining every now and then.... Yes it's a sigh..

To all my all means, get all over me..

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