Friday, December 18, 2009

Dont tell the government..

Love, relationship..what is it? Why so many got lost in space..over love and relationship. And why ppl keep buying hurt, keep getting raw deal out of this thing called love. And yet we still want to follow the same path..of getting lost, getting hurt and getting a no-deal deal.

Love is nothing actually but the activity of men and women in pursuit of their ends and their perceived is that thing we do to achieve our own ends. Some want to achieve it sooner than later..against the 'natural' flow..thus justifying everything to meet the ends. The means justify the end, so they say. But dont forget, "it's that thing that we DO"..meaning something we choose to do. The problem starts when we expect the pace of the other to be the same as ours, and we start to expect the other to do the things that we do.. Ever heard of love will find its own way...? Let love do its its own pace.. I dont know if that will stop the pains, the hurts or the 'raw deals' but that will difinitely be more thrilling..

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