Friday, December 18, 2009

The 13th of Never

I wasn’t being fair actually, truth is - love is still that many splendor thing. I have been there and I know. It’s beautiful. It is exactly like what they say – higher than the mountain, deeper than the ocean. So go for it! I guess my emotional intelligence (if there was any..) must be showing zero on the scale when I wrote my 13th of Never. It was the tension between skepticism and reality actually – I’m still skeptical about eternal, undying, irrevocable love (more into not believing)… but the world is still full of people believing and looking for love and finding them!. Being in the real world and sharing the same space, collision is simply inevitable and when skepticism and reality collided, you get totally deep and clueless..(as I am now ..). I really thought it was safe to go back into the water again but as soon as I took the dip, I realized that things are still the same, dang!. I’m still hurting the people that I love - the very thing that make me walk away from love, once before. I don’t want anyone to get hurt anymore. No mas!! I guess, love in totality is simply not for me. I’m still very repulsive to the line of questioning, without which accountability and responsibility to your partner are reduced to frustrations and hurts. I know there are lot of things wrong in me that need fixing but..arrggh! In the meantime –Just don’t get tangled up with me. You my fren, are much too precious.

Dizz, nanti kalo nak call, sms dulu K. Boleh la I telan ubat tahan tido. =))

Anis – come out and play, kucing dah xde.

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Nikki of Malaysian Idol 1

By Zulkifli Zain aka Dot aka Town’sThief
Release date: Sept.16, 2005

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